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Ten Marketing Tips for Professional Services

Here are 10 marketing ideas for Professional Services during LockUp. Tag your friends and family who could use this advice. This will help them get through the next month and come out of this Covid-19 Quarantine still connected to their customers and clients while setting up leads for June and July.  #marketing #maketingadvice #covid19

  1. Offer online appointments using Zoom or a phone call. Zoom offers a free 40 min meeting with a free account registration. It seems everyone and their mother are using Zoom now a days to connect with friends and family. Chances are good your customers already have an account.

  2. Make a list of ten tips or tricks for your work and go live on facebook weekly to talk about them. If you are an accountant, you can share tips to organize your personal finances. If you are sell insurance, talk about some of the benefits to setting up life insurance or what could happen if you had an umbrella coverage over your house and something went wrong while you were out of work.

  3. Make a weekly email updating your customers with community news. If you own a tax agency, accounting firm, are a lawyer or some other kind of professional service, chances are you are a big part of your community. Continue to be a backbone and share good news from your city in a weekly email. This will also keep you in a positive view in your clients eyes for the future.

  4. Feature local businesses on your social media your customers should know. Local businesses are struggling now more than ever. You can use your social media as a platform to highlight your fellow business owners and give them some much needed exposure.

  5. Review all of your customers accounts and email a video message with your notes. You should be reviewing your past accounts anyways, why not put a personal touch on it. In the same way people enjoy getting hand written letters, people will enjoy getting a personal video message.

  6. Review your past leads and make a list of the warm leads and reach back out to them. This is a good tip if you are struggling to find some motivation. Making a list and prospecting some past leads might give you the spark to jump back in the deep end again.

  7. Make youtube, facebook, and instagram adds for your business and target locally. Everyone is on their social media all day. Now more than ever is the perfect time to invest in social media marketing. Depending what your industry is, you can hire someone to write some copy or you could give it a go. Start with an amount you're comfortable with, then increase as you see your ROI grow.

  8. Make a weekly blog going over benefits of your business people may not know about. Coming up with a "5 reasons you don't need to save receipts" or "10 things you need to know about life insurance" will catch your customers eyes and give them some content they can consume while learning more about your services.

  9. Reflect back on 2008 and share ways you were able to weather that economy. Remembering how you got through the last recession might give you some hope for getting through this one. One day we will get back to normal and how you handle your business now will decide what your new normal will look like. 

  10. Take time to make a branded beginners guide about your product or service. Find a local designer and hire them to make a branded book that will guide your clients through your products or services. Making this asset will make a huge impact with your potential clients, leaving a lasting impression. If you want to see some examples, I have some under my Print Design section of my Graphic Design Page.

I hope this helps some of you. Please share this article with your friends and family if you think it can help them.

As always, I am here if any of you have any questions. Just email me at and I will see what I can do.

Stay Safe, We are all in this together!

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