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Ten Marketing Ideas for Teachers

Here are 10 marketing ideas for Teachers during LockUp. Tag your friends and family who could use this advice. This will help them get through the next month and come out of this Covid-19 Quarantine still connected to their students while helping them continue to learn. #marketing #maketingadvice #covid19

  1. Start a TikTok account and invite your students to follow you. TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. If you don't know what it is, TikTok's are short videos where you generally lipsync a song or scene. I promise all of you students have an account and it is the place to reach them right now.

  2. Create a summer reading list and partner with local businesses for prizes. You can either choose ebooks, physical books, or audiobooks. The point is to keep your students reading and offering them incentives donated from businesses in your community. This is also a great way to market the businesses still in operation during lockdown to your students parents.

  3. Offer zoom meetings for your students to check in on them. 1/2 hour Zoom calls are free and offer a great way to give your students a way to have a chat with you. They don't even have to be on the screen since Zoom offers a feature where you can turn off your video camera and do voice only.

  4. Post about books you are reading this month. Offer a zoom room to chat about it. Another fun thing you can do with Zoom is offer an open room. You just have to post the link on your facebook or in an email and you can host a virtual book club for the students who want to follow the reading list you have made for summer.

  5. Make posts about your favorite historical figures who are relevant to your subject. Fun little facts are easy to read and easy to understand. Posting a meme style photo about a topic or historical figure who relates to your class is a great way to keep your students thinking creatively.

  6. Create games families can pay at home based off your lesson plan.  This might be a little more difficult, but by creating a new game, you can give your students and their families something totally different to do together and spice up quarantine while still teaching them about your subject. Side note, make sure to use items they already have like index cards, dice, playing cards, etc.

  7. Repost other teachers who are going live on Facebook so your students can see their lessons too. There are a ton of amazing people out there doing live streams. One that comes to mind is Mark Kistler. Mark host live streams every once and a while of him doing draw-along lessons for children. This is a great way to give the parents a break and give your students something new to do.

  8. Post or email any museum tours, there are a ton of them. Again, most big city museums are offering virtual tours. Google your favorites and make a list you can email your students.

  9. If your school is still offering free food, volunteer to work in the cafeteria making meals. If this is a safe option for you, your time could make a huge difference for a family in your area in need. Find out if you can come in for a couple hours for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and assemble meals. I know most schools in the Chicagoland area are still offering the free lunches to the kids who qualified for them during the school year.

  10. Pick a hobby that recharges you and make post about why you like it and how to do it. Others may like it too. This is just a fun way to connect with your students on something other than class work. Do you like Star Wars, DnD, Fortnight, what ever it is, make some post about what you are doing to keep busy during quarantine. You never know, it could spark some joy in one of your students or jumpstart a new hobby or passion for another!

I hope this helps some of you. Please share this article with your friends and family if you think it can help them.

As always, I am here if any of you have any questions. Just email me at and I will see what I can do.

Stay Safe, We are all in this together!

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