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Ten Marketing Tips for Auto Repair Shops

Here are 10 marketing ideas for Auto Repair Shops during LockUp. Tag your friends and family who could use this advice. This will help them get through the next month and come out of this Covid-19 Quarantine still connected to their customers and generate new business now. For the 10th tip, check out blog at #marketing #maketingadvice #covid19

  1. Offer video consultations for common car problems Sometimes just offering to FaceTime a customer and talk them through what's going on will help set their mind at ease. A friendly face can go a long way.

  2. Offer free or reduced rates on oil changes and other services for first responders I have seen several shops do this in my area and I know I will be using them in the future. People like to support people who support people.

  3. Offer payment plans for individuals who are in a hard time financially  If you can offer payment plans, find out what works for the customer and help them check one stress off their list of many.

  4. Have your staff make videos making repairs on their cards them post the videos to your facebook This is an easy way to keep your staff engaged as well as generate some content for your social media account. Everyone is on Facebook and Instagram all day. Now is a perfect time to grab some attention and remind your community about your services.

  5. If you sell parts, offer a call ahead, curbside pick up option for at home repairs Some people will not feel comfortable with having a stranger in their car even if you advertise a full disinfecting after every service. If the repair is simple enough, offer a pick up option for parts so your customers can still make a purchase with you and get the tools they need to fix their problem.

  6. Make post about the top five to ten car issues you can fix at home You can have your staff do this also. Empowering people to fix simple issues will help their self esteem and hopefully remind them why they hire you to do it in the future.

  7. If a customer needs work done on their car, offer to pick it up and drop it off for free  This will set you apart from your competition. Going the extra mile to make sure your customers stay safe and stay at home will mean a lot to them. Also make sure the customer knows there will be a full disinfection of their whole car after.

  8. Offer to do car work at elderly customer’s homes A lot of us cant offer the help to our parents and grandparents like we are use to. Offering this service will put a lot of sons and daughters mind at ease especially if you market directly to them.

  9. Make post on your facebook showing where families in need can find help  Staying active in your community now is more important than ever. Let your customers know you care by posting or reposting info that can help families going through tough times right now.

  10. Offer your location as an option to drop off nonperishables for families in need If you are not getting the foot traffic you are use to, concider offering your location as a place for less fortunate families to pick up nonperishable goods and other things like TP, Paper Towel, or hand sanitizer. If you can't find any hand sanitizer, ask your local brewery or distillery. A lot are starting to make batches instead of their normal brew.

I hope this helps some of you. Please share this article with your friends and family if you think it can help them.

As always, I am here if any of you have any questions. Just email me at and I will see what I can do.

Stay Safe, We are all in this together!

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