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We are excited to share iWear Solutions was bought out by Geared2Give in 2019. The marketing company was purchased for $3 Million Dollars and will continue working with clients under the new name, Geared2Give Business Services.

As well as my role moving from President of iWear to shareholder of G2G.

iWear Solutions

Let our team be YOUR TEAM!

iWear Solutions provides Business Solutions for small, medium, large businesses, and NPO's (Non-Profit Organizations).


We provide a range of Products and Services including:

  • Traditional, Social Media, and Online Marketing

  • Website & App Design, Development, and Management

  • Brand & Logo design

  • Custom Design, Layout, and Printing

  • Video Development & Production

  • Custom Apparel & Merchandise

  • Online Store Development, Management, & Fulfilment 

  • Event Design, Development, & Management

  • Non-Profit Fund Development


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On September 1st, 2019 iWear was officially bought out and merged with Geared2Give. Moving forward, all of ht easspects of iWear will be utilized under the Business Services section of Geared2Give.


my role:

January 2015- Aug 2019

I served as the President of the iWear Solutions. iWear was a purpose driven marketing company that focus centered around thoughtful design, dynamic websites, and purpose-fueled online marketing. I oversee all of the new website builds, branding, and their custom merchandise department.  We also worked with interns and I get a chance to help new designers gain real world experience, as well as teaching them some tricks of the trade.  

I co-founded iWear in 2015 after working on designs for years and feeling like I could do more with my talents.  It started to click when I began working with the Will Play for Food Foundation.  Shortly after helping them develop their merchandise department, I decided to donate my design time to the foundation.  I learned that donating my time was very rewarding.  With that in mind, we launched iWear with the intention of helping more non profits come up with creative ways to raise funds and show their message in a fresh, modern way.  Since 2015, iWear has grew quickly and works with other awesome companies around West Michigan.  Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear about all the exciting new things iWear has in store this year!

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