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COMICS! I have always wanted to create comics. In 2020 right after the first DUNE trailer came out, ComicTom101 and I were talking about how awesome it looked and how we should make a print for his Mystery Mail Call. Around the same time or a few months earlier, one of our favorite comics ICE CREAM MAN came out with a Dr. Seuss Variant and it was amazing. They nailed the style so I thought, why not try the Dr. Seuss style and make a Dune Movie poster. It came out awesome and we put 600 in the MMC. One year to the day the Dune movie came out and I had made over 20 covers. 

I love making homage covers. They are always fun and people always really like the.  I also do original covers and FX like VHS covers and other various forms of distressing or Trade Dress homages. 

Currently, commissions are open for any comic. Contact Me for more info!

If you want to buy one of my signed covers, you can Shop Here.

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