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RedWolf Exclusives is me, flexing my skills as a traditional artist. I wanted to find a creative outlet to help manage by work life balance.  So I started watching youtube channels and found some awesome projects to work on.  Pretty quick after that, a designer buddy said I should start an Etsy shop and sell the custom DL-44 Blasters I was working on.  People must like the price and quality because I sold 40 blasters the first year and over 100 the second ye!  Now I work on what ever I find.  Toy Hunting clearance items and finding really cool pieces on ebay has given me a pretty much endless supply of projects.  Check out my Instagram to follow all the stuff I work on at the warehouse and find out what new listing I am offering on my Etsy.

I am currently half way through a full size Han Solo in Carbonite (pictured below) and the full size Bob Fett Helmet repaints.  Projects  for the second half of 2019 include a full set of 1:1 Storm trooper armor, 1:1 scale Madnolorian armor, and a 31" X-Wing repaint!

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