After working with ComicTom101 and the Mystery Mail Call for the last few months and making a bunch of prints for the community (about 15k!), I wanted to offer a Full Set of the Core Six Ranger prints to go along with the prints we put in the November and December Boxes. For this set I did a NEW Pink Ranger! If you want to grab a White Ranger, Original Pink Ranger, or a Lord Zedd, you can grab one from eBay for now. You can search here. Professionally Printed on card stock 6.625" by 10.187" and each are individually bagged and boarded.


Shipped in recycled boxes (Yes I am going to send these out in gemini boxes I have gotten comics in over the last year :) some will be ComicTom101 Custom Mailers).


Thank you so much for your support! I hope to offer more prints soon!!

Power Rangers Core Set