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40 Random Thoughts about Swamp Thing

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Just watched Swamp Thing and I had 40 random thoughts while watching lol. Enjoy! *spoilers*

-I think I’m gonna like this -Wow! That was gruesome -Oh look, it’s that gullible guy from Westworld -Hey! Tuvok! -Doctor Tuvok reporting for duty -Doctor Tuvok knows the right words but still talks like a stressed out Vulcan -Random guy was acting way to familiar lol -2 F-Bombs already, classic DC Universe -Take a deep breath officer ”trying too hard”, then maybe you won’t have to exhale at the end of every sentence -Why isn’t your gun out officer -Oh look, a trailer scene -Great sound track -That looks super creepy -That’s the guy from the boat, how did the green let him get all the way home? -Stop trying to get a date officer eye brows -Was Columbo from the 80s...doubt it -Get away from that moss lol -Ok, I’m convinced, anyone who had played a football coach can play a pastor for sure lol -I thought Howard killed Quinten. Guess he faked his death and moved to Louisiana -You just got fired for a second time Holland -What the hell is going on -Are the roots just using that body like a puppet? -Roadhouse is a stupid name for a water front bar, just saying. More like Toadhouse....ha -Didn’t sound like you were taking -You just saw the roots attack you in the Morgue and you don’t get it still? -So you didn’t look up and see that body the roots impaled. Cool, cool, cool -Back at the lab I see -He’s going to offer her a drink -Oh, I see. You didn’t hear you got fired cuz you live there -Told you he’d offer her a drink lol -Even though she googled you and it didn’t sound good, she still took your drink bro -That’s not how google works nerd -Interrupting fax alert -No she’s not ok, she was just telling you about how she killed her best friend -Who just shot Holland, that old guy? -Wait, does he become swamp thing -Oh, there’s that guy -Creepy af -Get out of the boat! -Yessssssssssssss!!!! -I wonder if he knows what he looks like -solid first episode

So smart they made Swamp Thing a horror. The best part about this is you don’t need to have any experience with Swamp Thing to get into this series. I am going to write a review about the first two episodes because I need to see how they play out some of the relationship dynamics. Overall, I’m excited about this lol. What did you guys think?

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