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After working with ComicTom101 and the Mystery Mail Call for the last few months and making a bunch of prints for the community (about 15k!), I wanted to offer a Full Set of the Core Six Ranger prints to go along with the prints we put in the November and December Boxes. For this set I did a NEW Pink Ranger! If you want to grab a White RangerOriginal Pink Ranger, or a Lord Zedd, you can grab one from eBay for now. You can search here


Professionally Printed on card stock 6.625" by 10.187" and each are individually bagged and boarded. 


Thank you so much for your support! I hope to offer more prints soon!!

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After building brands for various clients and agencies over the last 15 years, I decided that the best use of my skills and talent is teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners how to shift their mindset and understand how to build their brands.


My name is Nate,  I am a branding expert from Chicago. I know how to create a consistent image across social media, web, print, with your brand. I focus on setting your brand up to win. 

If you want to check out more of my art or any of the comics I am working on, check out my art website at www.natejohnson.net.

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Nate Made It Stamp
Nate Made It Gym Tee
AMKM Comics Logo Mock Up
Mi Pueblo Logo and Mobile Mock Up
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Unlimited Social Post Ideas Mock Ups
BatTom Tee
Ded Cubbie Tee 2020
BlkIrish Celtic Marks
July Work Rundown
Clobey Poster
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Golden Age Guru Shirts
Message Wrap Profile Mock U
Message Wrap Profile inside pages
BlkIrish Clovers and Stripes Tee Design
Create Tee Ad
Corporate Brand Style Guide
Blkirish Wall Brick MockUp
Hero Can Design and Branding
Kings Table Ministries
Trooper Monroe
Outdoors Boot
Lucky Buck Logo and Branding
Mark Jewler GemMint Stack
Lake Mitten Hoodie
Westsider Tee
616 Brewing Irish Stout Can Design
Wolfpack Hate
Whiskey Robot
Prodigy Tee
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Below is a short list of services I offer.  Please follow the links from the icons and let me know if you have any questions! 

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Whiskey Robot

Another one of my daily sketches. This one is just for fun.